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⋅ Beauty and fashion blogger based in California.
⋅ Blogging since 2012 on a Korean blog platform; 2-4k visitors per day when I blogged everyday until 2014.
⋅ Love sharing detailed beauty product reviews, styling photos, wishlists, lifestyle and celebrities of Asia that inspire me.
⋅ Skills: Photoshop photo editing/retouching, digital illustration, blogging, videography and editing.
⋅ Affiliate marketing experience: Rewardstyle, Amazon, Shopstyle collective.
⋅ e-commerce experience of selling personally selected designer bags on my Korean blog:
everything from buying, photography, photo editing, modeling, editorials, shipping, to customer service.
⋅ Languages: Korean, English, Japanese


⋅ I wanted to try blogging in English on a different platform.
⋅ Blog posts about: beauty, fashion, lifestyle.
⋅ Aesthetics: vintage-inspired, classic, chic, and feminine.
⋅ Posts about celebrities from Korea as well as other countries that I love.


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