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Shoe Storage Idea: DIY Shoe Labels for Shoe Boxes

organize your storage with custom Shoe labels:

I finally decided to organize my shoe boxes that I had been neglecting for years by making custom shoe labels. Recently, I started re-organizing all of my clothes and things in my room as well as the shoes that had been sitting on a shelf in our garage. It was like finding some treasure, because I never really paid much attention to that dusty part of our house. Opening each box, I thought, ‘oh right I had these shoes! I totally forgot I had these pretty heels down here.’ I did not want them to collect dust anymore, so I decided to bring most of my shoes to my room.

A lot of the shoes were already in their original boxes which was a plus. Well, kind of. When you stack all those boxes, it is often hard to find out which box contains which pair of shoes. I mean some of them have the white stickers that show the shoe info on them, but I personally don’t like the way they look.

SHOE TAGS/LABELS: DIY Shoe box organizing idea

So, I thought I should make some shoe labels with photos of the shoes. It was extremely simple and quick to do. Here is how I made these DIY shoe tags. It is pretty simple! Just follow the steps below 🙂


paper tags & jute twine


scotch double sided tape applicator

camera, printer, paper

STEP 1: Take Photos of Each Shoe

Alexander McQueen Botties - DIY Shoe Tags, Shoe box organizer Juicy Couture Flip Flops -DIY Shoe Tags, Shoe box organizer Marc Jacobs Gold Chain Open Toe Velvet Heels - DIY Shoe Tags, Shoe box organizer Pajar Foxtrot Boots - DIY Shoe Tags, Shoe box organizer

When taking photos, make sure that the background is pretty simple. I used an artificial grass mat (LITA Realistic Artificial Grass 28 in x 40 in) and I love the results.


STEP 2: Measure Paper Tags

DIY Shoe Tags, Shoe box organizer

Before printing the photos you took, get approximate measurements of the paper tags. As for paper tags, I wanted simple, brown ones for vintage-inspired look. I found a set of exact tags bundled with jute twines (G2PLUS 100 pcs Tags with Jute Twines). When measuring, I imagined there would be extra marginal space between the edges of the tags and the actual printed photo.



STEP 3: Edit photos and print

DIY Shoe Tags, Shoe box organizer

This might be the trickiest part for those who are not used to editing photos. I personally used Adobe Photoshop to do this step but any similar software would work if it allows you to resize images with inches or cm. I first edited all of the photos (brightness, color correction; you can skip this) to make them look better. Then, I created a ‘New’ file with ‘US letter’ size (you can also manually input your paper size in inches or centimeters). Next, I dragged all of the edited photos onto this new file. I resized each photo and made sure they each matched the measurements I took in step 2 (tip: use clipping masks for easier process). Lastly, print them.



Step 4: Cut, Attach photos onto tags

SHOE TAGS/LABELS: DIY Shoe box organizing idea

Now take your scissors and cut the printed photos. Use glue or tape such as Scoth double sided tape to stick the photos onto the tags.



STEP 5: Attach the tags to shoe boxes

SHOE TAGS/LABELS: DIY Shoe box organizing idea

SHOE TAGS/LABELS: DIY Shoe box organizing idea

It took me less than 30 minutes to make over ten shoe tags. I love how I don’t need to guess which box has which shoes. It is easy to organize and I really like how the tags look! I hope you found this DIY post useful.




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