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Taeyeon Instagram (@taeyeon_ss)

Taeyeon Instagram Photos:

In this post, I will share some of my favorite photos from Taeyeon’s Instagram!

Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation

Taeyeon (태연) from the Kpop group Girls’ Generation (SNSD/소녀시대) is my current most watched celebrity. Personally, I love performers that have strong stage presence as well as vocal, dancing abilities and Taeyeon definitely has them all. I had probably listened to her solo albums more than any other music since her solo debut in 2015.

Taeyeon and her beauty

Besides her musical talents, her beauty and recent styles have attracted millions of other fans in the world. There’s something about her that makes me want to search her up on youtube and google. I love to follow her Instagram photos as they have certain aesthetics that I love when it comes to photos and portraits in general: relaxed talent in the photo, vintage filtered look, and feminine, bohemian fashion style. She and her stylist definitely figured out what styles really suit her the best!

Taeyone’s Hair Style changes

Taeyeon’s known for changing her hair colors to bright, bleached blonde to pink to dark black. As a lot of fans know, she looks good in almost every hair style and color she tries. Just looking at the rapid hair style changes through her Instagram is quite entertaining and they make me want to go a little more bold next time I visit my hair stylist. Taeyone’s makeup and clothing styles for the last couple of years had become more feminine and vintage-inspired which I definitely love!

For these reasons,Taeyeon is my most favorite artist in Korea at the moment!
Let’s have a look at some of her Instagram photos.
source: Tayeon’s Official Instagram (@taeyeon_ss)

source: Tayeon’s Official Instagram (@taeyeon_ss)


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