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How to Easily Repaint Old Furniture: Repurposing Wooden Furniture CD Shelf with Chalk Paint

Repurpose Old Furniture with Chalk Paint

This DIY is going to be about how I renewed my old IKEA CD shelf with chalk paint. If you would like to just read about how I used chalk paint to re-paint it, skip the following three paragraphs and go straight to ‘materials‘ and ‘steps.’

My Old IKEA CD Shelf

When I bought and assembled this IKEA shelf, I was still a high school student and one day, I followed mom to IKEA. I spotted this CD shelf and I wanted to try assembling this for a small collection of CD’s that I owned. At the time, I did not even know that I had to prep wood before painting it. In result, I basically bought a small paint brush and a bucket of olive green paint. My CD shelf was functional and looked ok but it has many rough spots because I did not sand. It was collecting dust over the ten years and cleaning it was hard because I did not coat it! Anyways, I was more into mint colors these days anyway and decided that it is about time that it gets re-painted.

How I Found Chalk Paint

So, for the longest time, I had been looking for the most simple way to upcycle my dusty IKEA CD shelf. I googled ‘how to re-paint old furniture’ and saw so many articles talking about chalk paint. I then researched how actual furniture repainted with chalk paint looked like and there were many beautiful minty colors like the one in the photo below. A lot of chalk paint brands as well as the users claimed that you do not need to prep much with this paint and I was sold! 

Choosing From Many Chalk Paint Brands


1.Annie Sloan

There was a number of brands to choose chalk paint from. I found out that Annie Sloan ( was one of the most well known for the quality, but the price was a little too expensive (almost over $50 with shipping) for me to spend just for a small CD shelf. Another big downside personally was that I usually order things from Amazon or local art & craft stores but neither carried Annie Sloan. In short, I wanted something less expensive and easier to get access to.

2.Folkart Home Decor

Next brand I looked up was Folkart. Folkart Home Decor had a lot of colors to choose from, was cheaper (around $10), and I could get the paint in smaller sized bottles. I decided to get white, light mint, and dark minty green. If you have a small project like this, I recommend trying out Folkart! I bought more mint to re-paint the drawers in my bathroom as well and I love the color.



Folkart Chalk Paint

Sand Paper

Paint Brush

Rust-Oleum Premium Latex Paint

Folkfore Chalk Paint 8oz (236ml):

White Adirondack

Seaside Villa



Ultra Cover Premium Latex Paint (Gloss Clear)

STEP 1: Disassemble & Sand

I disassembled my CD shelf with a screwdriver and smoothed the surface with sandpaper. If you are doing this on bigger furniture pieces, just sand without disassembly.

STEP 2: Paint with Chalk Paint

I still had the dark olive paint on the wood pieces so I coated everything with ‘white adirondack‘ first. Then two coats of either ‘seaside villa‘ or ‘cascade‘ according to my plan. I used the light mint (seaside villa) on the most sides and the darker minty green (cascade) on some of the inner surfaces to give some randomness. Make sure to wait 10-15 min between each layer. It dries pretty quickly especially in hot summer weather.

Step 3: Top Coat with Clear Latex Gloss Paint

Keep in mind that if you are using chalk paint for its matte finish, using latex for the top coat will give a bit of a glossy finish. I used a very thin coat of this product and my shelf still looks pretty matte, but you will see some sheen depending on the angle.

STEP 4: Let it completely dry

I waited one full day to ensure it’s completely dry!


I know chalk paint brands suggest that you wax your chalk painted furniture. I researched a lot on different brands that make chalk paint and also about how to wax prior to ordering these products. After reading some posts and comments online, I was afraid that waxing would not be protective enough to prevent scratches and stains from accidental water drops. Therefore, I decided to use a clear latex paint and I love how low maintenance it is!

I hope you found this DIY post helpful!



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